Monday, August 1, 2011

All We Need Is Love

"What are doubts, if not doubts about ourselves? Uncertainty seldom resides in others or in our relationship with them, but usually in our own hearts, and we strive to generalize it. Nothing, I know, is more understandable than our environment, which precisely obeys the laws that govern it, provided we explore the nature of things. Man in the midst of his world resembles a fire that flickers relentlessly, inflames us with apparent unpredictability, burns, and dies. Should we blind ourselves to these dangers? Isn't it preferable to die of ever-gnawing pain than to roam the world freely and easiy, but falsely? Is their no consolation?

Love is the only consolation, because love requires no proof. It exists like God himself, whose existence could doubtless be proved but was sensed by mankind long before any evidence could be produced.

Yes, there's such a thing as love for its own sake. It's unconstrained and exempt from human jurisdiction." ~Hans Scholl

Thus far, this letter to Rose Nagele, is the most concise and complete explanation of the conviction and character that led Hans Scholl to die for his beliefs. It's both inspiring and daunting and makes me wonder if I could possibly stand in his shoes and act the same.

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