Thursday, January 19, 2012

Booking Through Thursday - Do You Skip?

Found this at The Once and Future Librarian and thought I'd like to play, too. Even though it's almost Friday.

Do you ever skip ahead in a book? If so, do you feel bad about it?

I never skip, but if I did I know I'd feel bad about it. I don't even skim the 'boring' parts. I'd like to say that I have more respect for the author and the blood, sweat and tears they poor into each carefully chosen word, but the truth is I'm just a little OCD. I won't feel like I really "read" the book if there's any part that I didn't consume with the utmost care and attention.

Which is why I often end up rereading portions of books because my busy minds starts to wander.

So, how about you? Any cheaters out there? ;p

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